Ukraine has issued an arrest warrant for fraudster Elshad Abdullayev, who is hiding in France

Ukraine demands the arrest of the frauder elshad abdullayev who hides in France

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine informed the Prosecutor General’s Office of Azerbaijan about a special decision of the Obolon District Court of Kyiv in relation to the officials of the mentioned Medical Center and the Rector of the AMU Elshad Abdullayev.

The Investigation Department for Cases of Grave Crimes of the General Prosecutor’s Office on the basis of an appeal from law enforcement agencies of Ukraine for legal assistance in connection with illegal transplantation of human organs, under Article 308.2 (abuse of authority) of the Criminal Code in connection with the facts of illegal seizure by officials of the medical center, acting at the Azerbaijan International University, abusing official powers, kidneys from donors and their transplant foreign recipients.

According to the press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office, although this medical institution, which was subordinate to the rector of the university Elshad Abdullayev, was not given a special permit (license) to perform surgical operations on the transplantation of human organs or tissues, they were given illegal instructions to the head doctor of the medical center Dilara Ismayilova, a criminal relationship has been established with the citizens of Israel Boris Wolfman, Yuri Katsman and others, the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan are grossly violated „On the transplantation of human organs and (or) tissues.“ In March-December 2009, the donors delivered to the Republic of Azerbaijan from Ukraine, who were materially dependent on the accused persons, kidneys were removed, conditions were created for 13 surgical operations for their transplantation to recipients – 11 citizens of Israel, one French citizen and one US citizen. In addition, Dilara Ismayilova, not keeping any documentation on operations, received a total of 130 thousand US dollars in cash, did not transfer them to the center’s cash office, but transferred Elshad Abdullayev, causing damage that led to serious consequences for the interests of the state protected by law. Due to the existence of grounds for suspicion, Elshad Abdullayev and Dilyara Ismayilova were charged in the criminal case as defendants under articles 137.3 (sale and purchase of human organs or tissues) and 308.2 (abuse of office) of the Criminal Code.

In 2010, Ukrainian authorities reported that a criminal investigation of cases of illegal organ transplantation involving citizens of Ukraine and Azerbaijan pointed at the Azerbaijan International University Medical Centre. A joint investigation carried out by Azerbaijani and Ukrainian authorities revealed that ten unlicensed surgeries were carried out by Ukrainian doctors in the centre in 2009, during which kidneys were purchased and transplanted from Azerbaijani and Ukrainian donors to foreigners. Seven people in total were charged with human trafficking, criminal group formation and illegal transplantation, one of them former head of the AIU Medical Centre. The Azerbaijan Attorney General’s Office discovered documents confirming identities of the organ donors and recipients.As a result of the investigation conducted by the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine and Azerbaijan, it was revealed that the agent of the Russian Federal Security Service ,the fraudster Elshad Abdullayev, was at the head of all these crimes.

According to the information provided to us, the Kremlin agent Elshad Abdullayev each year transferred a large amount to the “President Putin’s Fund”,

In the document, Elshad Abdullayev invested in the “Fund to Support the President of the Russian Federation Mr. Putin”
In the document, Elshad Abdullayev invested in the “Fund to Support the President of the Russian Federation Mr. Putin”

Elshad Abdullaev lives in Paris as a quality refugee from 2013.
He does not work. But then the question will arise how Elshad Abdullayev lives in the center of Paris without the help of the French authorities? ? How does he receive money? From which countries does he receive money?-Of course in RF

Elshad Abdullayev and his family, Reykhan Akhmedova – wife, Aynur Abdullaev – daughter, Eltach Abdullayev and Elshan Abdullayev son received Russian citizenship in 2011.

Elshan Abdullayev Russian “FSB” spy agent

But he hid this fact from the French authorities when he asked for political asylum. Currently, his son Elshan Abdullaev works for the Moscow FSB, is a Russian citizen and lives at this address in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region, Moscow. The village of Marfino, house 26 B controls all the business facilities of Elshad Abdullaev’s father in Moscow

Elshan Abdullayev Russian "FSB" spy agent
Elshan Abdullayev Russian “FSB” spy agent

France hides a Russian agent on its territory

We received passport information confirming that Elshad Abdullayev is a citizen of Russia.

We present the data of Russian passports of Elshad Abdullayev who hides for many years in Paris
PASSPORT citizen of the Russian Federation – Abdullaev Elshad Islam oglu, 09/25/54 year of birth, series 4611, number 175161, issued by TP in the village. Nemchinovka OUFMS of Russia in the Moscow region in the Odintsovsky district January 14, 2011. Registered in the Odintsovsky district, Moscow region, p. Marfino, Building 26 V. A foreign passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, departed from the series 64, Pass number 3967781.

Former member of parliament of Azerbaycan mr. Jamshud Nuriyev: “The former rector, Elshad Abdullayev was an agent of the KGB (Federal Security Service RF and Azerbaijan .” Jamshud Nuriev also told his interview with the newspaper Olaylar that Elshad Abdullayev worked for some time as an “agent” to the Federal Security Service RF and Azerbaijan : “His military rank was captain.

Another relative of Elshad Abdullayev, Azad Mursaliyev, works in the State Duma of the Russian Federation