Shooting and explosions in Brussels

Brussels police conducting an operation in the commune Skarbek. One person was detained, he told RTBF television.

According to him, during the operation were heard sounds of explosions.

“The police are conducting a new raid on the Mather area in the Brussels commune Skarbek (north-east), – she said the TV channel -. One person was detained.”

“In the area of ​​operations, there are over 50 special forces soldiers in flak jackets and with faces covered,” – said RTBF.

According to him, the participants of operations armed army weapons – assault and sniper rifles.

“Eyewitnesses reported the sound of two loud explosions during the operation”, – informs the channel.

In addition, according to him, the witnesses from neighboring houses spotted lying inside the perimeter security object like a sheltered film human body.