The US Embassy confirmed that the car Deputy Ambassador Derek Hogan hit by a stray bullet. It all happened because of a conflict near the place where the car was parked diplomat.
“Mr Hogan in the car was not at this time, and none of the staff was not injured. The police investigation continues, and all questions in connection with this incident, please contact the local authorities “, – said the embassy.

In the course of an armed incident last night in a restaurant “Bulag” in the village of Badamdar, the bullet hit the car zamposla US. This was reported in the Office of Sputnik police of Sabail district of Baku.
At 21:30 in the restaurant, owned by a resident of the village Mashtaga, shooting has been opened. According to preliminary data, among the visitors of the restaurant there was a conflict, the cause of which was a large sum of money: the participants of the incident specially met here to discuss the issue of debt. A visitor named Samir came to the meeting armed. Already in the courtyard of the restaurant he opened fire in which his friends were injured (including one seriously, received three bullet wounds in the thigh and breast).
It is noteworthy that the message about the armed incident on the territory of the district officers of Sabail RUE received immediately, thanks to the Deputy US Ambassador to Azerbaijan Derek Hogan.
Chevrolet diplomat was parked directly in front of the restaurant “Bulag” Hogan while he was at the time visiting the ambassador, whose house is next to the restaurant. The fact that one bullet got into a car belonging to the embassy. Fortunately, the driver was in the car was not injured.
Meanwhile, at the scene found five forensic bagged shells. Later culprit conflict Samir turned himself in SUE Baku. Currently leading the investigation into the Baku City Prosecutor’s Office.