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Elshad Abdullayev (Putin agent) had his brother(Mahir Abdullayev) killed himself’ – Shok voice recording

Elshad Abdullayev (Putin agent) had his brother(Mahir Abdullayev) killed himself’ – Shok voice recording

“Azvizion.az newspaper received the audio recording, which is said to belong to Sevinj Babayeva, the main figure of the “Mandate trading” scandal, who died in Istanbul on December 26, 2012. In the approximately 7-minute audio recording, S.Babayeva talks about the former rector of Azerbaijan International University (ABU) Elshad Abdullayev. It turns out that the audio recording belongs to the period when S.Babayeva was detained in Turkey. Thus, the spread of the already scandalous video and the traces of E.Abdullayev’s transmission of some statements to the media can be seen in this speech.

But “Yeni Musavat” guesses that the audio recording, which you will read in sync below, is a small part of a big speech given by S.Babayeva about the events that happened. Because when listening to the audio recording, it is felt that there are other parts in its introduction, as well as after it. While listening to the audio recording, S.Babayeva’s shortness of breath and occasional panting are noticeable. This can be taken as a sign that he was suffering from heartache in his last days.

The voiceover says: – … Elshad Abdullayev lies that I collected money from my relatives. Which relatives? All your relatives were beggars. Until you got there… Then all of a sudden you all got paid, you all became professors. He writes that they poisoned my brother Eldeniz. Believe in God, there is expertise, there is a community working there. He left this morning and arrived safely, he arrived at work, and this happened in the evening. Do you know why? Because this man was uneducated, mean, dishonest, bloodless. Brides, daughters, little girls were in this room all day long. And always, excuse me, the front of his pants is open. Because of his immorality, cruelty, dishonesty, and collecting money from people, he played tricks on everyone. Do you know how Elshad Abdullayev was afraid of him? He once told me that “one of my brothers is a beggar, one is a rascal, one is crazy, and one is a concubine – he said it for Mahir’s concubine.” Among them, I am the only one who is good.” He used to say, “My husband has 5 fingers and 1? That’s how it happens.” Look, Abdullayev Elshad was such a person. So, he falsely says about Eldeniz on the Internet that someone poisoned Eldeniz. This is , a lie. No one has poisoned him. He has come to the trouble of God. May I be a sacrifice to God, curse the one who does not believe in God. Because he was cursing God in the middle of the day. As a result, this happened to him, he cannot escape. Let me also say about his brother Mahir. You know, he is lying now that my brother is an employee of the KGB, a major, an officer. The Qur’an is right, believe in God, do you know what position was suitable for his brother? Walking in restaurants, walking in cafes, with girls… He walked a lot. He was walking here and there with that girl and this girl. He came and went with 7 guards. How could they kidnap him, how could this happen to him? This man was going back and forth with armed troops, diplomats in his hands.

How could they steal it, destroy it? He only came to his brother, to Elshad alone, without an army. Therefore, Abdullayev Elshad himself organized the murder of his brother. He is lying. He gives the excuse that it is Matanat Iskanderli… I, by God, do not know Matanat Iskanderli. In his life, there were thousands of Matanat Iskanderli. Did you understand? A thousand singers. He made a clip for them. With his money, because of his money. He went to concerts and sat in restaurants. They invited it to weddings. He made friends with singers. It must have been a singer. He sponsored male and female singers. He was a man who loved art. I liked it from the artists. All the artists came and went to his room. All, all… Mahir traveled with 7 guards. How could they kidnap him, how could this happen to him? This man was going back and forth with armed troops, diplomats in his hands. How could they steal it, destroy it? S.Babayeva then listed some more details about M.Abdullayev: “He is lying now that my brother was an officer, what do I know? Believe God, what officer? I do not remember Abdullayev Mahir walking around in a suit and uniform. He came to the university in the morning and left in the evening. When did he go to work? When was he going to teach? When was it going into surgery? No one saw it. How did Ahan go and wear the clothes of the “KGB”? Is he lying? How did they accept such a wandering, stupid person there… I am shocked. They have no understanding.

The Ministry of National Security, they have no understanding of this system. … This is also a lie… Later, the deceased hero of the “mandate trading” scandal also spoke about some of the illegalities that happened at the Azerbaijan International University (ABU): “He says, Sabir Huseynov is my uncle. Sabir Huseynov passed away. The poor man’s heart burst. Do you know why? His boys worked with him. One is Shamil, one is Kamil. Shamil was its driver. Sabir Huseynov is also his wife’s uncle. He is really an uncle. Kamil was a very cultured, intelligent, well-mannered boy. Kamil was also an assistant. Kamili Elshad was taken away by his own hands because of his fake diplomas Banditism Terrorism.

Lying, he says that Kamil was allegedly stolen, and they found him after 14 days. What did they say to him there? They said to return the people’s money and certificate. This is also a lie.. Elshad’s breath comes from a lie. Let him talk about how many people committed suicide because of this and how many people became homeless. How many people got divorced, how many people got married. It doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman. No one cares about that. Let him put his hand on his conscience. If he has a conscience… Is he doing these things right? I don’t understand, how can he go and sit in France and talk about Azerbaijan after eating the bread of Azerbaijan? Can everyone be trashed? Are you beaten by a man? You see that they are deceiving you. Oh, the unfortunate son, the unfortunate, the coward, the orphan… Oh God, why do you give sustenance and blessings to such a person? Can’t you answer by yourself? How many years have passed and you are now sending CDs from there? You blame him or her. You name it. Where are you… Why are you deceiving the people? Believe me, there is such a myth that it can enter people’s minds and hearts. He was busy with fortune-tellers all day. That fortune teller, this fortune teller… He was visiting their house. Once I told it to come and get rid of it. Having two parents kills me. Come, accept them, or give them your student card and zachot booklet, and they will go. He says…

Wikipedia PRESENTED Elshad Abdullayev as a “Russian FSB agent” – PHOTOFACT