riyad aliyev Azerbaijani scammer

Azerbaijani scammer Riyad Aliyev hides in Germany as refugee

In September 2010, Riyad Mahir oglu Aliyev was caught in the network of law enforcement officers. A certain Etibar Zulfi oglu Ragimov addressed the police with a complaint against the branch accountants.
Riyad Aliyev promised him to attach his daughter to the university and fraudulently lured him into 15 thousand dollars.
The Azerbaijan Police Department launched an investigation, and in a short time the rector’s fault was proven. The case went to court. Riyad Aliyev was accused of committing a grave crime under Article 178.3.2 – fraud

Riyad Aliyev betrüger
riyad aliyev – accountant swindler

The victim fell for the bait. He wanted to arrange his daughter in a state university rather than a private one. And here, the “accountant swindler”, having boasted of his connections in the world of science and education, assured and persuaded his heartbroken father – his only daughter could not pass the entrance exam in his omnipotence. But after a few days, Riyad Aliyev disappeared. No hearing, no spirit.

And only a few months later, from the words of the investigators of the police department of Azerbaijan, Etibar Ragimov learned that his counterpart-accountant is an ordinary crook who had been in this business for more than a year. After all, Riyad Aliyev was once convicted by a sentence of Narimanov court for 3 years of imprisonment for an identical crime.
Only on October 13, 2013, by the decision of the Absheron court, did he manage to pay off the suspended sentence ahead of time. What did not prevent, more precisely, opened the way to committing new similar crimes

When the Azerbaijani police were preparing to detain the inveterate cheater, he managed to escape from the country.

On August 30, 2014, Riyad Aliyev fled to Hungary. And from there to Germany. Where he pretended to be a ” political refugee” and a fighter against dictatorship. Of course, later the Azerbaijani investigation was able to prove the guilt of a fugitive swindler, but his escape put off justice for an indefinite time. Since February 23, 2013, Riyad Aliyev is in search. And more recently, Interpol is looking for him.Now an ordinary provincial scam lives in the prestigious district of Bielefeld with his criminal past name is Firudin Dugi who is engaged in illegal business migration to drug trafficking and cybercrime.

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On the commission of a crime, the German prosecutor’s office has already raised a criminal case about Riyad Aliyev

riyad aliyev

With his telephone conversation, Riyad Aliyev himself admits that he is an agent of special services of Azerbaijan and will often meet with them.

Firudin Dugi

One of the members of the criminal group on the name Sulittin Dugi
To get Sulitin Dugi as a refugee status in Germany, he submitted fake documents to the German authorities,allegedly suffering from the repressive regime of the government of Azerbaijan

According to the information received, Sulittin Dugi killed an 8-year-old child in Azerbaijan and spent almost 8 years in jail.

,Sulittin Dugi tötete ein 8-jähriges Kind in Aserbaidschan und fast 8 Jahre im Gefängnis.
Sulittin Dugi

Another gang member, Yegane Rzayeva, is a refugee from Azerbaijan, lives in Bielefeld, and deceives the German authorities with some documents.
asylum was granted she received A status.
She actively participates in illegal migration from Azerbaijan, using many telephone numbers.
One of them ,with these numbers, Whatsapp Mrs. Rzayeva intercepts her clients, organizes and illegally imports them into Germany.

+99451 397 73 25, +49163 789 5343, +49172 308 7713

In Germany, he bears the name Aidan, she hides her name, and she has the real name Yegana Rzayeva.

According to informatsiyam from Germany, there is a factory in Bielefeld (Confesta, GmbH & CO. KG 0521 1522 01030 Grafenheider Str 20,
33729 Bielefeld
Tel: 05217724018)

PLZ 33729
Ort Bielefeld
Straße Grafenheider Str. 20
Geschäftsname Confesta GmbH
HR-Nr. HRB36682
Amtsgericht Bielefeld
Geschäftsführer Fatih Selahattin
Sitz 33729, Bielefeld
S.I.C Sonstige KFZ-Reparaturwerkstätten, Allgemeine KFZ-Reparaturwerkstätten
WZ2008 Kfz-Reparaturwerkstätten, Kfz-Werkstätten


There factory Confesta belongs to a man of Turkish descent (the name of the boss is Selahettin), and there people work almost black that you have not created any taxes
After receiving a negative response from the Migration services, refugees from Azerbaycan receive a bogus certificate ,as if of how they work in the factory and in this way they remain in Germany.

According to the source, people usually work at night, they are all refugees
The finans department recently planned an operation, but the plant’s management could have saved themselves from black workers from the second exit.
Attention: the plant has two exits
Firudin Dugi and Riyad Aliyev, who faces all these criminal acts

Firudin Dugi live at Fritz Meister Century 1 33609 Bielefeld,

We hope that the the German law enforcement officers will verify this information!