Swindler “professor” Elshad Abdullayev killed his own brother

Advocate Ramiz Zeynalov: Mahir Abdullayev took the money belonging to his brother Elshad Abdullayev and disappeared …

Journalist Zumrud Mammadov: The wife of Mahir in court herself  confessed  me that his spouse (Mahir Abdullayev) killed his brother Elshad Abdullayev for a million dollars of money


Sevinc Babaeva: Mahir killed Elshad Abdullayev (after this interview, Sevinj was poisoned and killed (Video voice

According to R. Zeynalov, Mahir Abdullayev took the money belonging to his brother – E. Abdullayev and disappeared. For some time he hid in the house of his relatives in Kurdamir, but was then killed by E. Abdullayev: “Elshad Abdullayev deliberately violated the rules for conducting operational and investigative measures and in order to conceal the fact of his brother’s murder, in testimony given as a victim on May 15 2009, hid from the Ministry of Internal Affairs the negotiations held on October 14, 2003 with the Minister of Internal Affairs Ramil Usubov and his deputy Zahid Dunyamalyev. Instead, he claimed that his brother had been abducted for the purpose of extortion.

In his testimony of December 15, 2009, E. Abdullayev testified that he was called to Zagatala with the aim of receiving a ransom for his brother in the amount of 50 thousand dollars. In his testimony, he writes that after that he and his brother recovered in his car. On the way, they called him and they drove to Kudamir. In Kurdamir, near the Azpetrol gas station, a group of people armed with machine guns detained them. One of these people introduced themselves as soon as the caller called Ghalib – Deputy Kurdamir RUP.

The lawyer also noted that on arrival in Kurdamir Abdullaevs they landed from the car. After a search, they were taken to the Kurdamir Republican Unitary Enterprise. On the way, Ghalib said that the brother of E. Abdullayev who had abducted his brother was his nephew Mubariz: “Elshad Abdullayev indicates in his testimony that Mubariz was silent with his head down … Then he indicates that until today he could not meet with Mubariz anywhere” .

R. Zeynalov doubts that E. Abdullayev cannot find his nephew. According to the lawyer, the distribution of video materials by the former rector was originally planned to conceal the truth – in order to present himself as a person looking for his brother: “The investigation began abduction investigations in 2003, but later after some details about which Abdullayev knew well and hid until recently from the family of Mahir, it was reclassified as a premeditated murder. Changed the investigative bodies. The materials of the criminal case were withdrawn from the Baku City Police Department and transferred to the Baku City Prosecutor’s Office. The investigation confirmed that this is not about abduction, but about premeditated murder. Therefore, Zahid Dunyamaliev told Arzu Kyazimov to confirm that E. Abdullayev knows well where his brother is (dead or alive) …: “For some reason, now E. E. Abdullayev does not like these statements? Had he not asked Arzu – ask Zahid of the muallim if he guarantees that later there will not be a criminal case against Mahir if I surrender Machir myself? ”

R. Zeynalov also accused E. Abdullayev of the murder of M. Abdullayev, in the poisoning of another brother of Eldaniz Abdullayev, who knew too much. According to him, E.Abdullayev will be exposed, immediately after the completion of the investigation.

R.Zeynalov also stated that there is evidence that a sale and purchase transaction was concluded between E.Abdullaev and A.Kyazimov: “He earned by giving money for a 30% increase to Arzu Kyazimov. In order to build a Medical University, he acquired a land plot belonging to his brother Arzu Kyazimov, and gave him money as payment. In the five-sided agreement, he included his father-in-law as the founder of the university. At the same time, he declared to everyone that he had included Hasan Akhmedov in this list because he is an academician, he is well known at the top, therefore our affairs will go uphill. ”

R. Zeynalov stated that it is doubtful that E. Abdullayev, who was shooting everything on video, did not film the transfer of money. “So the statement that they paid for Mahir was blackmail,” he said. According to the lawyer, the last video where E.Abdullayev takes the money of Mahir Abdullayev’s father-in-law is a trap set up against A. Kyazimov …

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