Business empire of the ambassador of Azerbaijan to Switzerland

As already reported, an international group of investigative journalists discovered the hidden giant business empire of the offspring of Azerbaijan in Switzerland, Ms. Khanum Ibragimova and her husband. The results of this investigation were reported by several publications.

Another real estate property of the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Switzerland, Mrs. KhaniBusiness empire of the ambassador of Azerbaijan to Switzerlandm Ibrahimova and her husband, is located at 1111 RIVER ROAD Block 33, Edgewater Boro, Bergen, New York in the USA

In addition, another apartment was also purchased, in 2016 for $ 152,000.
A journalistic investigation established that the ambassador of Azerbaijan to Switzerland, Mrs. Khanum Ibragimov, owned another apartment near the UN headquarters in the United States, which was purchased in 2016.

And this, I must say, the most modest objects in the US real estate portfolio in the United States. Their cost is only 165 thousand dollars.

The third apartment (address: Central Ave, 500, 213 Union City) was purchased in October 2015 for $ 159,999. About it Journalist Javanshir Hasanli writes on his facebook

It also became known that Khanim Ibrahimova and her husband own three apartments in the USA.
These expensive apartments are privately owned by our ambassador to Switzerland, Mrs. Hanim Ibrahimova

In total, the ambassador and her husband paid $ 477,000 for three apartments in six months from October 2015 and 2016.

The ambassador of Azerbaijan to Switzerland, Mrs. Xanim Ibrahimova, who receives a salary of about 3,000 manat from the state budget, how did I buy a house in the United States? I wonder if the diplomat and her family will declare income?

Recall that some time ago, the name of Ambassador Khanum Ibrahimova was mentioned in a corruption scandal in the case of former Minister of Culture Abulfaz Garayev.