Appeal of the International Hypersionist Movement “Bead Artseinu”

Shavuot, the celebration of the giving of the Torah, begins tonight.
The Torah remained with the Jews always, even when they had nothing else.
The Torah is the last thing we have left. We have abandoned the Temple, replacing it with false tales that the Temple-de will descend from the sky. We abandoned the monarchy – the natural structure of the Jewish people – replacing it with the parody pseudo-democracy into which the Israeli political system has degenerated

We abandoned the idea of ​​a Greater Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates, and then from the remaining small part of the Holy Land, handing it over to the worst enemies of the Jews.

Perhaps soon we will generally lose control over the last remnants of the Holy Land – Akko is already Judenfrai, cleared of Jews; Jews are fleeing the central cities of the country – Ramla and Loda, the Jewish cities of Gililee and the Negev are under siege by gangs of Arab pogromists, Jews cannot travel on the roads of the State of Israel without risking their lives.
However, while we have the Torah, all is not lost. But it is necessary to follow the Teaching not in the spirit of galut Judaism, hiding behind the stove, but in the spirit of the Messiah Judaism – hypersionism.
Get Torah Today! Think of it not as a relic of antiquity, but as a complete and detailed instruction for building Greater Israel.

Rav Avraham Shmulevich,

Chairman of the International Hypersionist Movement “Bead Artseinu” (“For the Motherland!”)
Secretariat of the Movement