Mubariz Mansimov was secretly transporting embargoed Russian and Iranian oil – Mustafa Gurbuz

So, after a long silence, one of the most scandalous prisoners of fraternal Turkey, Azerbaijani Mubariz Mansimov, came out with a revelation to the people. An ordinary Soviet cook on the very first crest of the post-Soviet wave soared to the Olympic heights of a shipbuilding magnate. To shatter to pieces, like a sea wave on a rock near the Sea of Marmara. Mubariz Mansimov is the personification of the very fortune of the hurricane timelessness of the crazy 90s.

Mustafa Gurbuz

Another favorite of the cooperative and informal movement blew hundreds of millions of dollars ineptly before Turkish banks noticed the insolvency of an ordinary Soviet upstart who was intent on challenging the powerful empire of the Koç family. But Mansimov kept silent about this on the air of his colleague Avaz Zeynalli, as well as about the reasons and motives for self-liquidation.

After a noisy and scandalous campaign in defense of the bankrupt billionaire Mansimov, who also managed to find himself in the dungeons of a solitary cell, it was necessary to understand the history of the owner of Turkish steamships.

Mansimov’s speech made a grave impression. In fact, it was a conversation about nothing. It is still not clear who, for what and why Mansimov is blaming. What caused its collapse? Who is to blame for his ordeal? Either Mansimov did not finish something, or a person who has earned more than one hundred million dollars suffers from a congenital ailment – an inability to express thoughts.

Mansimov’s mediocre performance, incoherent verbal flow was accompanied by a dramatic musical image of the Turkish film bestseller Valley of the Wolves. What predetermined the further genre of Mansimov’s narration – the businessman talked about criminal gatherings and the “thieves’ world”, exposing the frankly gangster multi-way of his shipping business.

Mansimov, a graduate of the military school named after Nakhchivan and the home-grown Rostov University, left the impression of a deeply uneducated and ignorant person. In the past, one of the richest people in Azerbaijan and Turkey lined up words and syntactic units in three languages: Turkish, Azerbaijani and Russian. The words “holidays”, “dormoed”, “business trip” merged with the Turkish newspeak of the French persuasion – such as “generasion”.

By and large, Mansimov does not speak any of the languages. What was reflected in the structure of his cave thinking. For language determines the very structure of thought. But the mind of Mubariz did not build this structure. The result was an incoherent rambling speech. The whole sequence of Mubariz’s thinking consisted of the following combination – buy, sell, rent … and throw it away.

What did Rovnag Abdullaev take away from Mansimov?

But now about the main thing. Who threw who? Mansimov claims that it was the former president of SOCAR, the current deputy minister of economy, Rovnag Abdullayev, and his relatives who buried his business in Turkey. How? Was Mansimov a partner of the Azerbaijani State Oil Company? Or maybe a contractor? Mansimov did not cite a single fact about the role of Rovnag Abdullayev and his relatives in the destruction of the business empire. In his mouth, in a mixed Russian-Turkish-Azerbaijani language, only grandiloquent pathos sounded. No more. Yes, besides, Mansimov said that Rovnag Abdullayev put him in prison. Thus, pouring panegyrics on Erdogan and the Turkish government, Mansimov called into question the impartiality of fair justice in Ankara. It turns out that Erdogan’s courts work by order and issue fake verdicts. In addition, at the behest of a seafaring official – Rovnag Abdullayev. How did the head of the Azerbaijani oil company manage to achieve a guilty verdict against Mansimov? For a bribe or according to the norms of “telephone law”? Mansimov himself did not cite a single fact. And Mansimov also accused Rovnag Abdullayev and his cousin, an Azerbaijani businessman Anar Alizade, of squeezing a fashionable resort center in Bodrum called Marina from him. Some bare words. Mansimov did not provide a single document or evidence to support the outrageous accusations.

What is the other truth about? The accused party – Rovnag Abdullayev and Anar Alizade unleashed a high-profile trial against Mansimov in the Turkish and London High Court. And all these courts Mansimov lost miserably. Without going into lengthy judicial upheavals, I will only remind you of the last verdict – the High Court of London ordered Mansimov to pay $230 million to the State Oil Company. The shipbuilding magnate did not fulfill its obligations to transport the Azerbaijani company’s products to world markets. By the decision of the High Court of London, all tankers and Mansimov’s vessels have been arrested to this day. But Mansimov does not say a word about this! No no! There is nothing to say – a naked magnate would not shoot his own hairy leg, would he?

Mansimov found the courage to mention the name of Lotu Guli only after his death

And now about the “tacked” “Marina”. The shipbuilding magnate, as a partner, participated together with Anar Alizade in the construction of the Marina. Yes, it’s the absolute truth

a! As well as the fact that the hotel was built for 200 million dollars. The most paradoxical thing is that Alizade invested his own investments, and Mansimov – bank loans at high interest rates. One fine day, Mansimov offered Alizade to sell Marina to the Koch family. For 100 million dollars! In addition, Mansimov hid from Alizade that he entered into a business with a “loan”, pawning joint real estate. Here I found a scythe on a stone. The dispute brought the partners to the Turkish court. Alizade paid Mansimov 37 million dollars according to the decision of the Turkish court, and to this day he pays the remaining loan to a Turkish bank, along with accrued interest! What a bastard?! What raider takeover? And why in his “frank interview” Mansimov does not mention the decisions of the Turkish courts and paid 37 million? Could these verdicts be ordered by Rovnag Abdullayev and others like him?!

But Mubariz Mansimov went further and accused Rovnag Abdullayev of ordering the now deceased powerful crime boss Nadir Salifov (Lot Guli) to physically liquidate Mansimov back in 2018. Why didn’t Salifov remove Mansimov? Driven into a corner by his own lies, the bankrupt tycoon told another incredible story. In other words, having received an order for the murder, Salifov called Mansimov. And began to threaten him. Words and curses. The question is – what hardened killer or criminal of all-Union significance will call his “future victim” and threaten him with a vendetta? Especially swearing and scolding, judging by Mansimov’s own admission? Say, Mansimov himself did not remain in debt – he scolded what the light stands at the leader of the Azerbaijani mafia. Having lost hope, Guli said goodbye to Mansimov and hung up the phone … Let me ask you: is Mansimov an oligophrenic or pretending to be? Or maybe he even takes the television audience of Avaz Zeynalli for a mentally retarded plebs? On the other hand, why didn’t Mansimov tell the public about the impending crime in 2018, 2019, 2020 and even 2021? Why was he silent? Didn’t he turn to the Turkish police? Why hasn’t this information been leaked to the media?!..

The tycoon also ran into Mishustin

Further – more and more boring, Mansimov tested the patience of the audience for a long time. He talked about his favorite movie – the Italian comedy “Signor Robinson”. It turned out that the unusual name of his company – “Palmali” Mansimov slammed out of a comedy: oppressed by his capricious wife Magda, the merry fellow Robi called the uninhabited island “Palmali”. So Mansimov decided to perpetuate his company with such a parody name. The love story of Roby with Friday and their ding-ding fascinated Mansimov all night long.

Mansimov also spoke about his discovery: Vikings founded Kievan Rus… And after Prince Vladimir, the rebellious Mubariz, for some reason, offended Ramiz Mehdiyev with a sinful deed. He jumped back to crime – Mansimov spoke long and boringly about the Turkish mafia Sadat Pekar. He also told about his battles with Fetullah Gülen, constantly repeating that he presented Gülenists with one delicious and sweet Turkish baklava.

If someday Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin becomes interested in the work of Avaz Zeynalli, then Mansimov will not do well. The tycoon openly admitted on the air that the current Russian prime minister, when he was head of the Russian tax service, demanded a bribe from Mansimov. And the unmercenary shipbuilder did not succumb to blackmail, completely refused, got rude to Mishustin, slammed the door and left Russia forever. I don’t know how it is in Russia, but in Turkey they will not take the word of Mubariz Mansimov, who for many years boasted that he studied in the same group at the KGB school of the USSR with Vladimir Putin. Subtle interlocutors thought about the big age difference between the boatswain and the lieutenant colonel.

The idea of “Palmali” came to Mansimov after din-din Robi and Friday

Mansimov’s trembling voice also sounded dangerous notes about the complex multi-ethnic situation in Azerbaijan. The oligarch spoke with lingering sad nostalgia about his oppressed Khazar-Lenkoran football club, pedaling the ethnic issue.

This is how, completely unfounded and arbitrarily, the failed tycoon jumped from oil to football, from Rovnag Abdullayev to Sedat Pekar, from Erdogan to “homegrown” Turkish courts…

And in the end, Mansimov began to poison our consciousness from the TV box with his chemical planetary arguments about modern geopolitics, often turning to gestures for help. Vocabulary was completely exhausted towards the end. All that was left was mooing and gestures. He would have to collect cigarette butts on deck … The trouble with Mansimov’s “victory”!